Sublimataion Printing Solution


Sublimation Paper

YIQIA DIGITAL Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper promotes sublimation transfer to a brand new level of vivid color and reduces ink usage.

Sublimation Ink

YIQIA DIGITAL Sublimation Ink comes in a variety of specifications to choose from, it has excellent color expression and is environment-friendly.
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Sublimation Printer

To provide customers with a new sublimation printing experience and promote the development of digital printing in the textile industry.

DTF Printing Solution

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YIQIA DIGITAL DTF Films have exceptional ink receptivity, and the printing effect is clear, and antistatic and anti-blocking properties.
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YIQIA DIGITAL DTF Ink formulation can reduce print head clogging and dryness. It can withstand countless washing cycles without fading.
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DTF Printer

DTF Printer uses a dual-head i3200 head with an ink tank continuous feed system to ensure high-quality and stable printing.


Complete Customer Focus

The sale of the product is just the beginning of our services, (consulting, logistics inquiries, technical problems), we will provide you with one-to-one solutions, dedicated to your service!

After Sales Guarantee

YIQIA DIGITAL has all products tested for quality before shipping out. We quickly deal with any sort of complaints and take full responsibility for our products and services. 1st-class quality and 1st-class service have always been the purpose of YIQIA DIGITAL.

Industry Experience

YIQIA DIGITAL has a 3000MT capacity factory to offer a stable supply for our customers. In addition, we have an expert team that will serve you online and solves any problems you encounter for free, providing you with a high-value overall service.

About Us

YIQIA Digital is a one-stop digital print solution supplier which is based in Nanjing, China.

We own a 3000MT capacity factory to offer a stable supply for our customers, business covers more than 50 countries around the world, including emerging markets and mature markets.

Shipping worldwide with competitive price and high quality. We put our passion, dedication, and expertise to help our clients manage their textile printing easily.

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