DTF ink vs. Sublimation ink

Let’s compare DTF (Direct to Film) ink and Sublimation ink based on different characteristics:


DTF (Direct to Film) ink is a type of pigment ink. 

Pigment inks are made up of tiny solid particles, known as pigments, suspended in a liquid carrier. These pigments provide the color in the ink. Pigment inks are known for their excellent color longevity, resistance to fading, and wide color gamut.


Dye-sublimation ink is a dye-based ink that contains water-soluble dyes. 

These dyes are dispersed in a liquid carrier, and they penetrate the surface of the transfer paper during printing. When exposed to heat and pressure during the sublimation process, the dyes turn into a gas and bond with the polyester fibers in the substrate (e.g., polyester fabric or polymer-coated materials). This results in a permanent and vibrant print with excellent color saturation and durability.


Can you use other ink for sublimation/DTF printing?

No. Each of these printing methods requires specific types of ink that are formulated to work with their respective processes and materials.

It’s essential to use the correct ink for each printing method to ensure high-quality and long-lasting prints. Using the wrong ink can lead to poor color results, lack of adhesion, and potentially damage the printer. 

Always check the printer manufacturer’s recommendations and use inks specifically designed for the printing process you are using, whether it’s sublimation or DTF printing.


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