What is DTF Printing?

The principle of DTF printing is straightforward – printing on a particular film, then transferring to the chosen fabric or leather using a heat press. This new technology combines the best of digital inkjet printing and transfer printing. That is becoming more and more popular because of its low cost, high flexibility, and wide range of applications.


Applicable material multi

DTF printing allows you to work with any fabric, not just cotton.


Lower ink consumption costs.

DTF Printing Equipment & Supplies are also significantly more affordable.

Production Speed

DTF printing has no pretreatment process, able to speed up production.

No need for pre-treatment

If you are familiar with the production of a direct-to-garment (DTG),  you must know the pretreating of garments before printing. With DTF, you can omit this part of the procedure.

Washability & Durability

Testing has proven to be equal to if not better than traditional direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.

Easy Application

DTF printing makes it easy to apply artistic designs too difficult areas of garments or fabrics.

Producing ready-to-wear samples is fast and suitable for small batch production, making it the perfect choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Excellent performance

High Stretchability and Soft Hand Feel.

For small-scale printing, where you are looking for good color results and you don’t want to make a large investment, DTF may be more suitable.


Poor air permeability in the print pattern area.

The result of the print on fabric has a slight rubberish feel as compared to prints done using the DTG process on a white t-shirt.

The different hand feels compared to DTG prints.

Need to pay attention to the storage environment of dtf hot melt powder. High temperature & humidity can cause quality issues.

DTF printing is not a perfect replacement for DTG, but its many advantages make it an ideal complement to DTG.

What is needed for DTF Printing?

DTF Film

A DTF printer uses PET films as these are different from the ones used in screen printing. These films are also known as DTF Transfer Films in the market. DTF PET films are available in 75u and 100u thicknesses, depending on the temperature, also divided into two categories,  cold-peel type films, and hot-peel type films, them has excellent-transferring characteristics. You can see more details about DTF PET films at YIQIA Digital.


RIP Software for DTF Printer

For DTF printing, RIP software is an integral part, you will require specialized RIP software to handle your white and CMYK colors.  This is because software affects the color performance, the printing characteristics of the ink, and the final print performance.

Hot-Melt Adhesive Powder

Hot-melt adhesive powder is designed to adhere inks to fabrics using DTF printing. Creates a thin adhesive layer on the wet ink deposited on the transfer film, this helps bind the colored pigments in your printer to the surface you are printing on.


DTF Printing Ink

DTF printing ink is specially designed for Direct to Film printing and heat transfer. This pigment ink formulation can reduce print head clogging and dryness. It can withstand countless washing cycles without fading.

YIQIA Digital offers different colors of DTF inks such as white, yellow, black, magenta, cyan, orange, green, and also fluorescence pink & fluorescence yellow.


DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer

This Direct Film printer component speeds up your production by printing, powdering, shaking, and melting the powder for final and ready DTF transfers.


Curing Oven

This small industrial oven is used in the Curing process,  to melt the printer’s hot melt powder, which then goes on the transfer film.

Heat Press Machine

A heat press is a type of machine that utilizes heat in order to apply designs onto various substrates, this equipment helps transfer the printed images on your film onto the desired surface or fabric.

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