DTF Problem: Weakening of white ink coverage

Weakening of white ink coverage” suggests that the white ink applied during the DTF process is not providing the desired level of opacity or coverage. Here are some steps you can take to address this issue:


1. Check for bends in the white ink tube

Bending of the white ink tubes can lead to poor white ink flow, which in turn leads to poor white ink coverage.


2. Change DTF Printer’s Damper

In addition to the common clogged nozzles, there is also the possibility of clogged dampers.


3. Test Different Films

The type of DTF PET Film you use can affect ink coverage. 

Please try different DTF PET Films to find the best match with the machine you are using and the DTF consumables.


4. Replacement with new DTF Ink

After replacing the ink, shake the cartridge slightly (the ink may have been sitting too long).


5. Try changing to another RIP software

RIP software plays an important role in the printing process. It determines the color, screen pattern, and resolution of the final print, ensuring reliable color reproduction. (Sometimes problems with print colors come from incorrect RIP software settings.)

cad-link MAINTOP

6. Cleaning the print head

The print head may be clogged, or there is air in the tube, etc.


7. The recirculation pump is not working properly

Turn on the circulation pump to check for proper operation.


8. Modify or replace the ICC profile with a different one.

Finally, professional help can be sought:

Consult Manufacturer Support:

If you’ve tried various adjustments and still face coverage issues, reach out to the printer and ink manufacturers for technical support. They may provide specific guidance based on your equipment and materials.

Professional Assistance:

If the issue persists and you cannot resolve it, consider consulting with professionals or technicians who specialize in DTF printing. They can provide expert insights and solutions tailored to your setup.

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