How To Adjust DTF Printer Speed?

In this era of rapid development, efficiency and quality have become key factors in market competition, and DTF (direct-to-film) printers are no exception. While increasing printing speed, maintaining print quality is of paramount importance. Below, we will introduce some methods to adjust the printing speed of  DTF without compromising print quality:

1. Nozzle Selection

The model and quantity of nozzles are among the crucial factors determining printing speed. Different nozzle models offer varying printing speeds and precision. Currently, EPSON nozzles are widely regarded as the best choice, but in specific circumstances, other nozzle models may be considered to balance speed and quality.


2. Printing Software

Different printing software can have an impact on printing speed. Furthermore, the settings within printing software can also adjust printing speed. For example, increasing feathering can decrease printing speed, and single-sided printing is usually slower than double-sided printing.


3. Printing Precision

Printing precision is inversely proportional to printing speed; higher precision often means slower printing. For large-scale production, a printing precision of 720*720 DPI is typically sufficient to meet requirements.


4. PASS Count

PASS count is inversely related to printing speed but directly related to print quality. Common PASS counts include 4PASS, 6PASS, and 8PASS. In general, 4PASS is suitable for regular printing, while 6PASS or 8PASS is suitable for prints with higher precision and color demands.


5. Printing Speed Modes

Common printing software typically offers three modes: low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed. These modes do not significantly differ in print quality but have a notable impact on printing efficiency. Typically, medium-speed and high-speed modes are the most commonly used, and you can choose the DTF printer’s printing mode based on specific requirements.


By carefully controlling the above factors, you can adjust the printing speed of your DTF printer to meet various market demands. Faster printing speed allows you to respond more swiftly to the requirements of the garment printing market, and secure orders ahead of time, while ensuring the stability of print quality.

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