6 Solutions For DTF Printing Color Deviation & Missing

To solve the problems of color deviation and missing colors in printed patterns, it is important to understand where the issues lie with the DTF printer.

Here are six common solutions to color deviation and missing colors:

1. Print test strips

YIQIA DIGITAL recommends that customers always print a test strip before DTF printing, as it can indicate whether the printer is functioning properly.


2. Set the DTF printing image to CMYK mode.

In cases where the print settings are correct, there may still be a color deviation between the computer display and the actual print color due to the different technologies used by the computer display and DTF printer to represent colors (i.e. RGB and CMYK modes).


3. Modify the ink settings in the DTF printer driver to set “black” ink as “color” ink.


4. The printing medium settings do not match the actual printing medium used.

Adjust the printing medium settings in the driver program or replace the matching printing medium. If the medium is facing downwards, place the printing medium correctly with the printed surface facing upwards.


5. Check the ink cartridges.

Low ink levels in the cartridges can result in one or more colors running out. Check the ink cartridges to determine whether they need to be replaced.


6. DTF printer nozzle blockage.

If the nozzle is blocked and cannot spray ink, it can also cause missing colors in certain areas of the printed pattern. Use the printer’s automatic cleaning system to clean the nozzle twice. If this does not improve the situation, use a specialized cleaning solution for further cleaning.


By implementing these solutions, you can minimize color deviation and missing colors in your DTF printed patterns.

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