Sublimation Ink Problem In Textile Industry

Issues and Solutions Frequently Encountered by Clothing Manufacturers When Using Sublimation Ink:



  1. Color Instability: Printed patterns have inconsistent colors or color distortions.
  2. Poor Ink Penetration: Ink will seep through the back of the fabric, causing unclear or blurry patterns.
  3. Insufficient Durability: After multiple washes, the pattern begins to fade or fall off.
  4. Poor Ink Drying: Long drying time of ink leads to slower production speed.



  1. Choose high-quality sublimation ink to ensure color stability and accuracy. Additionally, color correction technology can be used to adjust color.
  2. Select suitable ink and nozzle to ensure good ink penetration. Before printing, test the ink penetration to make timely adjustments.
  3. Use high-quality sublimation ink and post-processing techniques such as heat transfer or heat compression to enhance pattern durability.
  4. Choose fast-drying sublimation ink to shorten drying time and improve production efficiency. Additionally, the use of heating equipment can help dry the ink.


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