DTF PET Film Single VS Double[2023 Latest Answers]

DTF PET Film, or Direct Thermal Transfer PET Film, is a type commonly used in the printing industry. It is known for its high-quality print output and its durability. However, there are two types of DTF PET Film: single and double. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between the two.

Single-sided DTF PET Film

Color Performance

Single-sided films offer a more neutral and natural look. Therefore, they are suitable for achieving a vintage look such as sepia or black and white.

Production Budget

Single DTF PET Film is best for low-volume printing applications or for those on a budget.


Production Convenience

Single-side DTF PET Film is shiny on the back and this meant that some printers’ paper roller did not function well with it, causing the film to sometimes slip. It should be stressed that these issues occurred in a small number of cases. Most of our customers and most industry participants still use Single-side DTF PET Film and have no issues at all with it.


Double-sided DTF PET Film

Color Performance

Double-sided DTF PET Film can handle more ink and heat, resulting in higher quality and more durable prints.


Production Budget

Double-sided DTF PET Film is best for high-volume printing applications or for those who require high-quality and durable prints.

Production Convenience

Double-sided DTF PET Film with friction, is more stable than single-sided feeding, the film will not shift, is also effective in preventing static electricity, and the printing quality is higher.


When to Use Single or Double DTF PET Film?

Both types of DTF PET Film provide excellent print quality and durability, convenience and cost are the main factors that differentiate them. It is important to consider the above factors when choosing the right DTF PET Film for your printing needs to ensure that you get the best results possible.
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