Why Is DTF Printing Growing In Popularity?

Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing is where the design is first printed on a special film and then transferred to the garment. It has similar durability to traditional screen printing.

How does DTF printing work?

DTF works by printing transfers on film and then heat-pressing them onto a variety of garments. Compared to DTG (direct-to-garment) technology, DTF printing is compatible with a wide range of materials.

Compared to DTG or screen printing technology, DTF printers are inexpensive. For optimal printing results, DTF powder, printable PET film, and high-quality DTF ink are required.


Why is DTF growing in popularity?

DTF printing offers greater versatility than other printing technologies. DTF can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, etc.

DTF printing has revolutionized the textile industry and provided an update on textile creation for the digital age. The process is simple: digital artwork is created, printed on PET film, and then transferred to the fabric.


More advantages of DTF printing: 

Better print quality.

Simplicity and ease of learning.

No fabric pre-treatment is required.

The process uses about 75% less ink.

Unmatched quality and high productivity.

Compatibility with many types of materials.

Requires less space than other technologies.

DTF printing is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


The DTF process enables creators to start work faster than with DTG or screen printing technologies.

Although DTF printers look different from traditional paper printers, they function much like other inkjet printers, simply sending the design to a computer connected to the dtf printer for printing.

While screen printing still has a place in the apparel industry, DTF printing is more affordable for small businesses or textile organizations that want to make smaller orders.

In contrast, screen printing involves dozens of steps, which means it is usually cost-effective for only the simplest designs or for printing large quantities of items.

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