Precautions for Beginners Using DTF PRINTER

Regardless of the type of DTF PRINTER, care should be taken when using it.  Taking good care of the DTF PRINTER can directly reduce the maintenance cost and at the same time indirectly reduce the printing cost. What should we pay attention to when using the YIQIA DIGITAL DTF PRINTER?

1. Check whether the printer is placed flat, if the DTF PRINTER is not placed flat, the print pattern is not uniform, resulting in a defective product, and increasing unnecessary loss.


2. Daily check to confirm the supply of ink, The ink is about to the bottom of the ink should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid the ink tube into the air.


3. Regularly check the printer’s ink pump, and ink pad, to avoid affecting the machine and printhead.

Ink pump does not turn or the speed does not meet the demand for ink supply, the motor will continue to idle damage to the machine; the ink pad slack, it is easy to damage the printhead.


4. Before shutting down, the printhead control back to the initial position, so that the printhead is in the original position with the ink stack closely together, the ink stack can be sealed to protect the ink in the printhead from becoming dry due to prolonged contact with the air, moisturized state of the printhead is not easy to block, you can ensure that the service life of the printhead.


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