What is Sublimation Paper & Why it’s Important?

Sublimation paper is made using a  normal paper substrate, a special coating added to the paper holds the dye sublimation inks. It is divided into many gram weights, which are calculated based on the weight of the paper after drying.

Customers often pay more attention to the choice of sublimation ink when using sublimation printing, but ignore the impact of sublimation paper on printing quality.

In fact, sublimation paper plays a key role in the final output quality of your sublimation product.

Look at the pictures below. These are the different effects of printing on five different brands of sublimation paper, at the same time and temperature.



By now you should understand why it is important to say that sublimation paper is important for excellent sublimation printing results. 

Sublimation paper is the medium that transfers the ink to the sublimation product. Imagine if it is a poor sublimation paper, it will only transfer 50% of the sublimation ink to the sublimation product, which will waste another 50% of the sublimation ink while printing poorly. From a long-term business perspective, this is a very unprofitable investment.

To save the cost of sublimation transfer printing, we have three types of quality sublimation papers for your transfer printing business:

1. Fast Dry Sublimation Paper 

Fast dry sublimation transfer paper promotes sublimation transfer to a brand new level of vivid color and reduces ink load. High transfer rate, strong anti-batch, and high-cost performance.


2. Sticky Sublimation Paper 

Sticky sublimation paper can effectively solve the ghosting, deformation, and other problems caused by the displacement of the fabric and transfer paper.


3 . Jumbo Roll Sublimation Transfer Paper 

Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper is designed for high-speed production. Therefore the transfer rate will be high, which means you can obtain perfect quality at the lowest use cost.


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