Sublimation Paper Quality Judgment Guide 2022

Sublimation printing consists of a sublimation printer, sublimation ink, and sublimation paper. These three key elements determine the quality of the print.
Many customers do not know how to test sublimation paper samples and judge the quality. Here is the advice from our production technical experts.
How to test?
1. Test Reports
Check the test report provided by the sublimation paper supplier, which contains many important test indicators, and these data have certain reference significance.
2. Check the appearance of the paper first when you receive the sample.
A. Smoothness
Smoothness can be easily identified by looking at the surface of the sublimation paper roll. Good quality sublimation paper with a very smooth printing surface. Because if the surface of the paper is too rough (sometimes you could see small particles on the surface in bad paper), it will scratch the print head and cause great damage to it, in addition to affecting the quality of the printed pattern. Our sublimation coating is made of nano-materials to ensure the best smoothness of the paper.

B. Impurity
Check if there are many white dots on the paper. When you are transferring pure color, the white dots will influence the transfer result seriously.
3. Test the paper with your sublimation printer
A. Drying Speed
Drying time can be tested by printing.
Fast dry paper not only saves time and increases your productivity, but also reduces print quality problems caused by undried ink.
B. Transfer Rate
This is the most important indicator. Transfer rate refers to how much ink the paper can deliver to the fabric during the transfer process, this can be determined by comparing the color of the printed pattern.

sublimation paper application flower
The warpage phenomenon is caused by the inconsistency of the stretch rate of the coating surface and the base paper surface, resulting in inconvenient printer feeding, folds after printing, misaligned transfer patterns, etc., which affects production speed. Warpage when printing? This is a sign of inferior quality transfer paper.
D. Printer Setting
When your first test the paper and the result doesn’t come very ideal, you’d better adjust your printing and transfer setting based on the sample.

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