Daily Maintenance of DTF Printers

DTF printers require routine maintenance to work better. The following are the routine maintenance procedures for DTF printers.
1. Before the DTF printer is turned on, observe whether objects are piled up above and around the printer to ensure neatness around the machine.
2. Check whether the two sides of the printer are parallel before printing, otherwise, it will lead to an uneven printing pattern.
3. It is recommended to clean the printhead before printing every day or 2-3 days to clean once.

4. Check the remaining amount of ink every day, and add it in time when it is almost finished, to avoid the ink tube pumping the air in.
5. Reset the printhead after printing, because the printhead has a sealed protective cover in the initial position, it is not easy to clog, ensuring the service life of the printhead and the machine.
6. Turn off the power and network cable only after the printer is completely shut down, otherwise, it will seriously damage the print port and PC motherboard.

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