How to Identify the Correct Sublimation Paper Side?

Sublimation paper is a common consumable used in sublimation printing, where the ink is sublimated onto the fabric by high temperature. This allows the ink to bind to the fibers of the fabric and you can barely feel the image on the fabric.
Many customers can’t tell which side to choose for printing with their eyes. How to determine the printable side of sublimation paper?
First of all, we must understand an important characteristic of sublimation paper, that is, the difference between sublimation paper and other printing papers is that sublimation paper has a special coating on its surface, which is an important reference factor used to distinguish the front side from the backside. The coated side is the side on which we need to print the image, which is often referred to as the front side.
This important feature can be used to distinguish between the front and back of the sublimation paper. Here are a few ways to share it with you:
1. Hand feel method
A common technique for novices is to wet your thumb and forefinger and pinch the corner of the paper, the coated front side will be stickier. After touching it you will be able to easily determine the printing side.


2. Surface of the sublimation paper
Carefully observe the surface of the paper, one side is smooth, and the other is relatively rough. In general, the front side with the added coating will be smoother, which is the printing side.

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