DTF PET Film Quality Judgment Guide

You have many choices when it comes to DTF transfer films, powder, and inks.  Finding the right combination of film, ink, and powder is key to the success of your DTF transfer. But many customers do not know how to test DTF transfer film samples to determine the quality.
Here is advice from our production technical experts to help you make better choices.

How to test?

1. The surface of DTF PET film
Check whether there are black spots, scratches, and folds on the film surface, which will directly affect the printing effect and are the primary indicators to judge the quality of the film.

2. Test the film with your DTF printer
A. Smoothly Printing
Printing is the first step to verifying the quality of DTF film, the essential requirement is whether it can be printed smoothly and completed without jamming or warping.

B. Ink Absorption Capacity
Observe whether the ink will flow after printing. Films with low ink-carrying capacity seriously affect the transfer effect.

C. Heat Resistance
The heat resistance of the film can reflect the quality of the film. If the heat resistance of the film is not enough, the hot melt adhesive powder and the ink are not sufficiently dried and melted, which will cause the film to break, and thus the printing will fail. So you must choose a film with better heat resistance, but the heat resistance is not as long as possible.

D. Printing effect
The color reproduction of the pattern and the vividness of the color is also one of the important judgment criteria. Uneven transfer pattern color? This is a sign of poor quality transfer film.

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