How to Choose Correct Sublimation Paperweight?

There are types of sublimation paper such as quick-drying paper and sticky paper, as well as a variety of grammage.
To maximize production efficiency, companies need to choose the most suitable sublimation paper for themselves, and four factors should be considered when choosing: Ink loading, patterns (soft or hard substrates), web tension control, and printing speed.
1. Ink Loading Capacity
This is the most basic and important factor. The higher the ink load, the heavier the paper should be in order to accept the moisture of the ink smoothly and without curling and distortion.

2. Difficulty of Printing Patterns
Complex patterns are suitable for heavier papers.
What is a complex pattern? Complex patterns have the following characteristics: asymmetrical, alternating dot or bar patterns. Complex patterns pose a challenge to the stability of the paper because it has a mix of heavy and light ink inputs, with large local differences in the amount of ink absorbed. At the junction of low and high ink levels, sublimation paper tends to curl and shift, and the best solution is to use a high grammage paper.

3. Roll or Sheet?
Generally speaking, sublimation paper roll are suitable for mass production and sheets are suitable for small scale as well as for your own DIY.

4. Printing Speed
Low-weight paper is suitable for fast printing, and high-weight paper is suitable for pursuing high-quality printing results.

5. Fabric
To give two examples, there is also a difference in the gram weight and type used for different fabrics.
The fabric of sportswear is mainly polyester, and generally uses high-weight sticky sublimation paper, which prevents ghosting and deformation.
Curtain fabric to nylon, man-made fibers, most of them is large area pattern printing, the use of low-gram sublimation paper more economical.


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