DTF Printing advantage

DTF Printing Offers More Design Options
It isn’t feasible to Screenprint complex patterns because of the amount of work involved. However, with DTF technology, printing complex and multi-colored graphics is different from printing a simple design.
DTF also makes it possible for creators to make DIY hats, handbags, and other items.


DTF Printing is More Sustainable and Less Expensive Than Other Methods
With the fashion industry’s increasing interest in sustainability, another advantage of DTF printing over traditional printing is its highly sustainable technology.
DTF printing helps prevent overproduction, a common problem in the textile industry. Additionally, the ink used in the digital direct injection printer is water-based and environmentally friendly.

DTF printing can realize one-off designs and eliminate the waste of unsold inventory.
Compared with screen printing, DTF printing is less expensive. For small batch orders, the unit printing cost of DTF printing is lower than the traditional screen printing process.

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Learn More About DTF Technology
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