What is Dye Migration and How to Solve it?

Dye migration problems such as discoloration, staining, and blending have been plaguing users for a long time. After processing, textiles are stored and stacked under pressure, transported with temperature changes and other factors, resulting in the migration of dye molecules from within the fabric to the fabric surface, resulting in a decrease in fabric color fastness.


Through technical innovation, YIQIA DIGITAL uses high-temperature disperse dyes to effectively improve the sublimation fastness of the ink, which can effectively solve dye migration problems such as discoloration, staining, and mixing after fabric transfer.

YIQIA DIGITAL Sublimation Transfer Ink-Plus has the characteristics of strong stability, good fluidity, and excellent printing performance, the overall color after the transfer is bright, and sublimation fastness of more than 3 levels, to meet the market demand for textile applications with high requirements for sublimation fastness.

Sublimation Transfer Ink-Plus Features
1. Simple and mature process, consistent with mainstream sublimation printing.


2. Sublimation fastness to grade 3 or more (SGS test data)
It is 1-2 levels higher than the sublimation ink commonly found in the market.


3. High color saturation and beautiful printing colors.



Ink Basic Performance Test
1. Smooth Performance Test
Simulate user conditions, using the EPSON I3200 print head equipped with the device to print samples, YIQIA DIGITAL Sublimation Transfer Ink-Plus has a good smooth performance to meet application needs.


2. Application Performance Test
Uniform and consistent ink dots, straight lines, clear handwriting, vivid color effect, fine picture quality, no diffusion of ink pile phenomenon, good compatibility between ink penetration, to meet the 1pass, 2pass high-quality printing needs.


Sublimation Transfer Ink-Plus Parameters
Applicable Printhead DX7/DX6/DX5/5113/4720/I3200/DX4
Applicable Models The machines with above printhead (Epson/Mimaki/Mutoh/Roland/MS etc.)
Applicable Media Multi-gsm Sublimation Paper
Package 0.1KG/1KG/SKG/20KG
Conditions of Use Temperature 10-30°C, Humidity 40%-80%
EXP 1 year

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