Hot Melt Powder Particle Size Difference

Hot melt powder has different thicknesses:

Fine Powder 

A fine powder is defined as 0~70 micron particle size (like flour).

Features: suitable for small letter powder-coating, hand-feeling is relatively good, but the fastness will be poor when the air humidity is high, and it is accessible to adhesive powder on the blank area of the printed film.


Medium Powder 

Medium powder refers to 70~170  micron particle size  (like table salt).

Features: obviously granular, but at present 85% of customers use medium powder because compared with fine powder, this powder is easy to clean by shaking. And the hand-feeling is good compared with coarse powder.


Coarse Powder 

Coarse powder means 120-240 micron particle size (like sugar).

Features: big gap, easy to shake powder clean, good three-dimensional sense (recommended coarse powder when wet in summer, or customers require a three-dimensional sense of time can be used),  but relatively high consumption than the medium powder.

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