How to Clean DTF Printheads?

DTF printers often encounter the problem of clogged printheads, which need to be cleaned. The following are the cleaning precautions compiled by YIQIA DIGITAL. When cleaning the printhead, you must avoid the wrong operation, which will damage the printhead and affect the production schedule.
1. Due to the corrosive nature of the cleaning fluid, the printhead can not be completely submerged in the cleaning fluid. The correct operation is to add the appropriate amount of cleaning fluid into the printhead cleaning while avoiding the use of substandard quality cleaning fluid.

2. Printhead’s serious blockage only when the use of ultrasonic cleaner cleaning, time control in about 3 minutes.

3. If you want to replace a different brand of DTF ink, clean the ink cartridges and printheads to avoid mixing different inks to produce impurities that block the printhead, and change the color and quality of the ink, affecting the actual results of the print.

4. Determine that when the printer is not used for more than 48h, it is recommended to clean the ink in the printhead, otherwise, the ink in the nozzle will gradually evaporate because of the solvent and dry out resulting in clogging.


YIQIA DIGITAL DTF Printing Ink is specially designed for Direct to Film printing and heat transfer. This pigment ink formulation can reduce print head clogging and dryness. It can withstand countless washing cycles without fading.

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