How to Choose Sublimation Paper According to Printer Type?

As one of the sublimation printing core printers, the printing speed is currently divided into three categories: low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed printer.
The low-speed and medium-speed machine is actually not a particularly obvious definition, generally, a full-width print speed of less than 1 m / min printer is classified as a low-speed printer; print speed in 1 to 10m / min is classified as a medium-speed printer; print speed higher than 10m / min classified as a high-speed printer.

1. Low-speed printer demand for sublimation paper
Low-speed printers such as Mimaki JV33, and Mutoh 1604, have higher printing accuracy, and the printer is generally equipped with a platen wheel. When printing at high inkjet volumes, the paper becomes distorted after absorbing ink due to the long residence time of the paper in the active area of the printhead, and because of the pressure wheel on the paper, the paper deformation will produce a significant arch, easy to rub to the printhead and destroy the print pattern. Therefore, for this type of printer, the paper requires high ink loading of sublimation paper coating.
2. Medium-speed printer demand for sublimation paper
Medium-speed printers similar to MS-JP4, MS-JP7, MICOLOR 5816, and so on, such machines relative to the low-speed machine, printing speed several times higher, generally do not have a pressure wheel, completely rely on the roller tension to adjust the paper running, printing speed significantly faster, although the drying interval has been lengthened, relative to the speed of the increase is obviously not enough, so the paper drying speed requirements are higher.

3. High-speed printer demand for sublimation paper
High-speed printers are currently mainly multi-head printers, such as the often said 4-Pass or 8-Pass sublimation printer, the most obvious feature of such printers is the printhead into multiple rows of fixed, very fast printing speed can reach 30 ~ 80m/min, such printers on the paper requirements are mainly manifested as follows.
A. Good flatness: most of the paper after the coating has been baked at high temperatures after the phenomenon of paper warping, commonly known in the industry as paper “poor resistance to bending”. The high-speed printer baking channel is long, and the paper in the oven’s high-temperature baking time is relatively long, so the paper must have a good flatness after baking at high temperatures.
B. Fast drying speed: Although the high-speed printer drying channel has been lengthened, due to the paper running faster, by the heat source, plant, and other restrictions, but also needs the paper itself with fast drying characteristics.

C. Low-gram sublimation paper: Due to the fast printing speed of the printer, low-gram sublimation paper is more conducive to large-roll printing and high-speed printing, while also significantly reducing production costs.
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