How to Save Ink in the Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is an advanced printing technique that has become popular, especially in the apparel industry. It is a common way to print images and designs on apparel, especially T-shirts. If you’ve ever operated one of these machines, you’ll probably agree with the fact that sublimation ink is the main cost of running a sublimation printer. So here are 4 tips to help you save some money by reducing the amount of heat sublimation ink you use in the process.


Tip 1 Do routine printer maintenance
If you want to save in the long term, then you will have to incur some short-term costs to maintain your sublimation printing machine on a regular basis. This will ensure that your industrial sublimation printing printer performs at its best and consumes only the necessary sublimation ink during the sublimation printing process.


Tip 2 Do not turn off your printer
After you have printed your first batch of images and want to print a second batch on a T-shirt or other item, do not turn off your printer because turning it on again will only cause a waste of ink. However, if you stop production for a long time during the day, then of course turn it off.


Tip 3 Invest in good quality sublimation paper
Poor-quality sublimation paper absorbs a large amount of sublimation ink. Therefore, one way to save sublimation ink in the printing process is to upgrade poor-quality transfer paper to high-quality transfer paper, which can effectively save ink while improving transfer rates.


Tip 4 Check the printer driver settings and software
While most sublimation printers have optimal settings on their drivers and software for using only the optimum amount of ink to produce a high-quality image or design. However, this setting can be changed to an ink-saving mode that saves ink while printing superior-quality images.


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