Sublimation Paper Quality Judgment Guide 2023

Sublimation paper is one of the important consumables for sublimation printing. The quality of sublimation paper largely determines the quality of printed patterns.
The quality of sublimation paper can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Transfer rate
The transfer rate is the most basic and important performance of sublimation paper. The transfer rate mainly reflects the sublimation of sublimation ink after transferring. A high transfer rate means that most of the sublimation ink is effectively sublimated. There is no uniform test method for the transfer rate, most companies check the transfer rate by setting uniform transfer conditions and measuring the color comparison on the transfer paper before and after the transfer.


2. See-through situation
The see-through phenomenon of sublimation transfer paper refers to the phenomenon that ink penetrates into the base paper through the coating. In most cases, the phenomenon of see-through is obvious, and the transfer rate of sublimation paper will decrease, resulting in a poor transfer effect.
At present, the penetration of sublimation transfer paper mainly depends on the naked eye observation, and there is no standardized detection method to digitally reflect it.


3. Drying Speed
Drying speed refers to the drying time of sublimation paper after printing. Fast drying speed not only allows continuous printing and accelerates production efficiency, but also reduces printing quality problems caused by undried ink.
There is no standard test method for drying rate, currently, the method of surface hygrometer is usually used for testing and calculation.


4. Warpage
The warpage phenomenon is caused by the inconsistent stretching rate between the coating surface and the original paper surface, which can result in inconvenient paper feeding during printing, wrinkles after printing, and misalignment of transfer patterns, affecting the normal production schedule. High-quality sublimation transfer paper generally has a certain degree of warp resistance, reducing the adverse effects of warp on printing.


5. Paper Flatness
The flatness of the paper surface directly affects printing production. The poor flatness of the sublimation paper in the printing easily with the ink jet head friction, not only affects the printing quality but also easy to damages the nozzle, so that the equipment life is shortened.

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