Is sublimation printing better than the screen?

Is sublimation printing better than the screen?
When done correctly, both printing methods can produce long-lasting prints that will not fade or crack, even after extended washing.
Both printing methods have their own advantages, so here are some key factors to consider when choosing between dye sublimation and screen printing:

Size of the Order
For smaller orders, sublimation printing may be a better choice. Conversely, the larger order, the more cost-effective screen printing becomes. Most printers will also have a minimum order quantity for their screen printing services.

Simple and fast to produce, sublimation printing allows on-demand printing, reducing risk and waste.

Color Limitations
When more than one color is involved, screen printing can take longer to set up and be more costly.
The sublimation printing process allows all colors to be printed at once and designs can be customized more easily.

Sublimation printing is not limited by color

Choice of Materials
Screen printing is the most versatile and you can print on any material.
For dye sublimation, it is usually applied to polyester or polyester mixed materials.

Sublimation printing can not be used for 100% Cotton

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