Low-gram Weight Sublimation Paper: Problems and Solutions 2

The thickness of low-weight sublimation paper is thin, so there are some differences in paper performance with high-weight sublimation paper, the following are some common problems and solutions in the use of low-weight sublimation paper:
Common problems:
A. Poor printing effect, the pattern has subtle cracking and other problems.
B. There is a color difference between the print pattern and the design pattern.
C. The paper wrinkles during printing due to excessive inkjet volume.
D. Printer is making indents on sublimation paper.

sublimation-paper-printing-effect Difference between before and after sublimation paper transfer.

A. Control the humidity of the printing environment, not higher than 80% is appropriate.
B. Since the transfer rate of low-gram weight sublimation paper and high-gram weight sublimation paper are slightly different, for transfer objects with high color requirements, low-gram weight sublimation paper should be targeted to do ICC curves before printing to adjust the color performance.
C. Low-gram weight sublimation paper because the paper stiffness is worse than high-gram weight sublimation paper, not recommended to use high inkjet volume printing. Recommended inkjet volume of 250% or less, of course, low-gram weight sublimation paper whether to print wrinkles and patterns also exist quite a large relationship, low-gram weight sublimation paper bearing inkjet volume of the upper value of 25ml/㎡ is appropriate.
D. Some printers will leave the impression of the platen roller when the platen roller presses over the paper surface. If it will affect the transfer effect, please adjust (reduce) the pressure of the platen roller to avoid causing the paper surface to be embossed.
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