Low-gram Weight Sublimation Paper: Problems and Solutions 1

The thickness of low-weight sublimation paper is thin, so there are some differences in paper performance with high-weight sublimation paper, the following are some common problems and solutions in the use of low-weight sublimation paper.

Several causes of wrinkling problems:
A. Place the low-gram sublimation paper in an environment with relatively high humidity.
B. Too much tension on the printer unwinding reel and reeling in.

A. Control the humidity of the printing environment not to be higher than 80%.
B. If there is no condition to control the environmental humidity, it is recommended to control the unsealing time of the sublimation paper, as far as possible before printing, and print as soon as possible after unsealing.
C. If the whole roll is not printed out, it is recommended to use the winding film to wrap to prevent moisture (set the original plastic bag sealed can also be).
D. Adjust the printer unwinding and winding tension.

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