DTF Printing: Films Problems and Solutions

In the process of DTF printing, often encounter some troublesome small problems. We have put together a list of film problems commonly encountered in the DTF printing process and provide you with solutions that will hopefully help your DTF printing go more smoothly.

Q1: Why is the printing pattern intermittent and with broken lines?
A1: It’s possible that the printhead of the DTF printer is clogged. If you do not run the DTF printer for more than two days, the ink will dry out and clog the printhead. Or if poor quality ink is used it can also cause the printhead to clog.
Simple clogging can often be remedied by performing a print head cleaning cycle and nozzle check on your printer.


Q2: Why is it hard to peel the printed pattern?
A2: DTF PET film has two types of coatings, an ink-absorbing layer for printing patterns and a release layer that is easy to tear off after transfer. This situation occurs because the release layer of the film is not coated well, and it is the quality of the film.


Q3: Why is the color of the printed pattern uneven?
A3: The ink-absorbing layer of the DTF PET film is not applied properly, which is also a quality problem of the film.


Q4: Why does ink flow down when printing?
A4: When printing, the correct printing surface is not distinguished, or the PET film is not good and the film has a low ink loading capacity.


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