Hot-peel or Cold-peel, Which DTF PET Film is Better?

Recently, DTF printing is widely used in garment printing. There are many different types of DTF PET films that can be found in the market, but which one is the best? We do analysis from different aspects to help you make a choice.

1. Difference in ingredients
Hot-peel film. In order to achieve a quick tear, the main component of the release layer is wax, which is relatively unstable and does not melt and apply easily.
Cold-peel film. The chemical component silicon dominates the release layer, which is easier to apply to the film, and the cold peel film is relatively stable.


2. Heat pressing temperature and time
Hot-peel films usually require a pressing temperature between 140-150°C for 5-10 seconds. Cold-peel films are pressed at a higher temperature than hot tear films, generally between 150-170°C and 10-20 seconds, depending on the specific situation.


3. Efficiency difference
Hot-peel film: 2-3 seconds can be satisfied to tear, recommended for those seeking efficient production.
Cold-peel film: It may be about 30 seconds and can tear film.


4. Color and Stretchability
Some people say the color of the cold-peel film looks brighter, but from our test, there is not much difference. However, the stretchability is different according to different suppliers. YIQIA DIGITAL can provide you with a one-stop solution for DTF PET film, powder, and ink.


5. Viscosity problems
Hot-peel film. Its release layer is relatively thin, and there is a possibility of sticking together if it is not transferred in time after printing.
Cold-peel film. It has an oil-based back-coating process for the release layer and does not have this problem.


In general, both hot tear and cold tear have their advantages, so choose according to your needs. Whichever DTF PET film you choose, the most important point is that you need to find a stable supplier with quality assurance.
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