Some tips for DTF Printing for beginners

With the advent of DTF technology at the end of 2020, its application is growing rapidly around the world. DTF has become a presence to be reckoned with in digital printing, and more and more companies are using DTF printing.

But after all, DTF is a new technology that has just emerged about 2 years. You can find a lot of discussions about DTF usage on the Internet, but there are few instruction manuals that can systematically answer all your questions. In this article today, we will share some of the questions that DTF users often encounter when using DTF.

1. How does DTF printing work?
DTF (Direct-To-Film) involves printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to a T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, or blends.

2. Can DTF PET Film be reused?
DTF PET films cannot be reused, please do not try to do so. This is because DTF PET films have a coating on them and the coating on the film has already been used during the printing and transfer process. Therefore, if you try to use it a second time, the ink will not be absorbed. The coating is one of the key factors in determining ink absorption and final printing results.

3. Can I print on DTF PET film and then transfer it to the T-shirt later?
Yes, store it in a sealed bag (polyethylene plastic) at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. We recommend printing them as soon as possible and then transferring them to ensure the best printing and transferring results.

4. How does DTF Printing feel on a shirt?
DTF has a similar feel to HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) but is lighter. You can feel the print on the shirt by touching it with your hand. It is smooth to the touch though. But the texture is different from the ordinary, unprinted shirt.

5. I have used DTG printer before, can I use DTG ink on DTF printer?
No. DTF inks (water-based) are chemically formulated differently. They are designed to react with DTF films and powders when heated to produce these incredible transfer effects. They also do not clog the print head as easily as DTG inks.

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