How to Improve the Quality of Sublimation Printing?

The factors affecting sublimation printing can be divided into the following four categories. By optimizing these factors, it is beneficial for us to obtain higher-quality finished sublimation printing.
1. Sublimation Ink
Sublimation ink is the key to sublimation printing, mainly composed of dispersed dyes, connecting materials, solvents, and several additives. High-quality ink dyes should have good sublimation transferability and permeability, and achieve specific fastness indicators, with a molecular weight of 230 to 380 and a sublimation temperature of 180°C to 240°C. The characteristics of high-quality ink include a high transfer rate, excellent stability, ink saving, power saving, etc.

2. Temperature & Time Control
Sublimation printing requires the temperature to be controlled within 180℃~230℃, and the transfer time is about 10~30S. The transfer temperature is too low, the time is too short, and the ink can not be completely sublimated, which will affect product quality. If the temperature is too high and the time is too long, the softness of the fabric will be reduced and the hand feel will be affected. In the sublimation transfer process, pay attention to the reasonable combination of temperature and time.

3. Transfer Pressure
The transfer pressure is also one of the important parameters of the sublimation printing process.
If the pressure is too small, the gap between the fabric and the transfer paper is large, the ink gas molecules and a large number of air collisions resulting in poor printing, while the ink is also easy to bleed open so that the printing pattern blurred, the visual effect becomes poor.
If the pressure is appropriate and the gap between the fabric and sublimation paper is suitable, the transfer coloring effect is good. The pattern is clear and the lines are smooth and fine.
If the pressure is too high, problems such as deformation, linting, and fabric deformation will easily occur, resulting in disadvantages such as coarse and hard hand feeling and coloring surface. Therefore, it is crucial to control the transfer pressure for the visual effect of the printed pattern.

4. Other
In addition to temperature, time, and transfer pressure, which affect the quality of sublimation printing, there are some other factors that deserve our attention in the actual printing process.
First of all, when choosing sublimation printing consumables, suppliers with stable quality and a high reputation are the first choice for enterprises.
Second, be aware that the pattern on the sublimation paper and the color after the transfer will have some differences, sublimation ink before the transfer generally looks dark and lusterless, relying on the high temperature of about 200 ℃ to restore the color, so it is necessary to proof before mass production.
Finally, the transfer should ensure that the heat press surface, sublimation paper, and substrate surface closely adhere to each other and that there is no gap, otherwise the printing pattern may appear blurred.
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