What is DTF PET FILM & Why it’s important?

DTF PET Film is made from a film base with a release coating, and DTF PET Film plays a key role in the final output quality of the printed product.
Just look at the following pictures and you will understand why you should choose high-quality DTF PET Film. Imagine if it is a poor quality DTF PET Film, in addition to poor printing results, it is likely to face the printing pattern is difficult to peel off, shake powder shake not clean, scratching the print head, and other problems, seriously affecting the production schedule. From a long-term business point of view, this is a very uneconomical investment.

DTF PET FILM problem

To save on the cost of DTF printing, see YIQIA DIGITAL’s films for your dtf printing business:
YIQIA DIGITAL DTF PET Films are carefully selected and tested, have exceptional ink receptivity, apparent printing effect, and have antistatic and anti-blocking properties.
It can be used for personalized T-shirts, shoes, towels, bags, non-woven pouches, and lots of others.


✔Smooth and clean surface
✔Low shrinkage, high-temperature resistance
✔Excellent physical and mechanical properties
✔The color of the pattern is realistic and complete, with no halo
✔Strong ink absorption capacity, the thick ink absorption layer
✔Small thickness tolerance, good matte, low heat shrinkage, good release

Thickness: 75μ/100μ
Matte sides: Single/Double
Size: A3+/A3/A4, 50cm, 60cm, 120cm x 100m/roll
Type: Cold and hot peel-off
Core: 2inch/3inch
Applicable ink: DTF Inks
Max Transfer Temperature: 135℃
Pressing conditions: 110℃-135℃
Ink load: 400%
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YIQIA DIGITAL is the industry’s leading one-stop provider of digital printing. We supply sublimation paper, ink, DTF consumables, and customer needs. We have a well-established sales system and are committed to helping our customers improve their digital printing business with our expertise and first-class service.
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