What’s the standard for identifying sublimation ink?

With the development of digital printing technology, digital printing has penetrated various fields such as clothing, home textiles, car decoration, advertising, and personalization. The popularity of digital printing products will be getting higher in the future, and digital printing will become an inevitable trend in developing the printing and dyeing industry.

Ink is one of the necessary consumables for sublimation printing, and the quality of ink has a great impact on printing costs.

Sublimation printers in the last two years in the direction of higher speed development, from the very beginning of the 3/4 head machine to today’s 12/15 head machine, and then 30 head, or even more printhead sublimation printer, the rapid increase in production speed has gradually caught up with the traditional printing comprehensive cost. The cost is decreasing, and the competitiveness is becoming more and more noticeable compared with conventional printing.

Ink as one of the essential consumables for sublimation printing, ink transfer rate, drying speed and stable printing performance have a significant impact on the cost of the printing process.

What’s the standard for identifying sublimation ink?
A. High transfer rate: Ordinary high-concentration ink transfer rate is low and needs high-weight coated sublimation paper, and YIQIA DIGITAL high transfer rate ink can use 28 grams of sublimation paper, greatly reducing costs, and more competitive advantage.


B. Save ink: High transfer rate ink color concentration, high transfer rate, bright colors, bright colors in the flower pattern without the need to increase the amount of ink, you can achieve the color requirements.


C. Power saving: YIQIA DIGITAL high transfer rate ink because of fast drying, ink volume, heating, and drying conditions do not require high characteristics, you can achieve the purpose of energy saving. For example, the use of I3200 8-head high-speed machine heating and drying conditions: front-end heating temperature of 35%, the air volume of 40% (both the maximum setting value of 100%).

Product Name: YIQIA DIGITAL High Transfer Rate Ink
Product Capacity: 500ml/1kg/5kg
Color: CMYK
Print Media: Suitable for low-weight sublimation paper
Application: Containing more than 70% of chemical fiber fabric, used in fashion, swimwear, and sportswear, cycling clothing, home textiles, etc.
Shelf Life: 12 months
Storage Environment: Dry Environment, 0°C-35°C

YIQIA DIGITAL high transfer rate ink can meet the market demand for low-weight sublimation paper printing, high-speed printing, high color intensity, energy saving, and environmental protection, and simultaneously play a role in reducing printing processing costs, forming a strong competitive advantage.

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