How Does YIQIA DIGITAL Control the Quality of DTF PET Films?

YIQIA DIGITAL is a one-stop digital print solution supplier which is based in Nanjing, China. Main products include sublimation transfer paper/ sublimation transfer ink, DTF consumables, and needed for the customer.

We would like to share with you our quality control system for DTF PET Films. As we know DTF PET Film is a water-based product, which is easily affected by the environment. Therefore, for different batches of rolls, we keep samples for storage and record the batches, followed by corresponding quality tests, including print test, transfer test, wash test, etc. After passing the quality test, the goods are then packed and shipped.




With the development of science and technology, the DTF Printing market is now chasing a more cost-effective profit model. For more information, please feel free to contact YIQIA DIGITAL.
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