Why does sublimation paper warp?

Sublimation paper is one of the important consumables for sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is the use of inkjet printers equipped with sublimation ink to print on sublimation paper and then heated to about 200 ℃ by a heat press machine, so that the sublimation of the ink on the sublimation paper penetrates into the substrate, thereby transferring the color image on the paper realistically to fabrics, metals and other materials of a process.

Sublimation paper often has warped paper edges during use, which has a tremendous negative impact on digital printing. Warpage of sublimation paper can cause paper feeding difficulties during printing, which can lead to paper jams and scratching of the print head.
Scratch the printhead will appear blurred patterns, ink buildup, and other situations, affecting the printing effect. Also has a very negative impact on the printing equipment, and may cause damage to the printhead, printer life reduced, and other serious consequences. At the same time, warped sublimation paper also has the problem of winding difficulties.

So why does sublimation paper appear warped?
The warping of sublimation paper is mainly due to the different absorption of water in the air on the coated and uncoated sides of the sublimation paper, resulting in inconsistent telescoping on both sides.
The uncoated side of the sublimation paper is more likely to absorb moisture, making the paper stretch inconsistently. High-quality sublimation paper is coated on the back side of the paper as well in order to reduce the warping problem of sublimation paper.
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